Our aim is to farm in the most environmentally sustainable way that we can. All of the land that we farm has achieved LEAF Marque accreditation we means we are at the highest achievable standard. We currently have six active Countryside Stewardship schemes in place, this helps us continue to improve on farm habitats for wildlife. We are very proud to be a LEAF Demonstration Farm and regularly host farm visits to show some of the practices that we have in place. 

Anyone visiting the farm may be lucky enough to spot our resident owls, or one of over 60 other species of farmland birds recorded on the farm. Every year we carry out the LEAF Sustainable Farming Review to help us focus on reducing our carbon footprint. Wherever possible we use an integrated approach to farming. Long gone are the days of a short block cropped rotation, we grow a wide variety of different crops as well as grass and herbal leys. Livestock play a big role as part of our long term arable rotation. This helps us to keep on top of problem weeds, pests and diseases as well as help build natural fertility.