Hydes Farming


Hydes Farming is our sheep farming enterprise based around the 'Hydes' pedigree flock of Poll Dorsets.

Much of the land that we farm has been in intensive arable production for many decades. Because of this, organic matter in the soil is extremely low in places. Also with the breakdown of chemistry and lack of new alternative products coming to the market, weeds such as blackgrass are becoming more of a problem to control. We decided to take an integrated approach and use grass leys with livestock to help build organic matter and natural fertility. We are currently doing some trials with NIAB and Sheffield University looking at different types of leys using legumes and herbs to see what other benefits they can bring to soil health, environment and the livestock. The grass leys are also another tool to help remain on top of blackgrass.

To keep it separate from the main business, we have created a sub business called Hydes Farming. The first introduction of livestock was a small flock of Poll Dorset sheep. We chose this breed because it fitted nicely with our arable rotation. Poll Dorsets are the only breed that will naturally lamb out of season. This was something that was very important to us as we wanted to utilise our existing staff. We lamb in November, a period that is traditionally quiet for us on the farm. Ewes and lambs are then grazed over winter on the cover crops that we grow in front of spring barley. Lambs are then ready for slaughter in time for the Easter market.

We can offer lamb boxes for sale in the spring with premium quality meat at a discount to supermarket prices.

Please enquire for details.