Every season at E W Davies Farms we take on students for harvest, we sometimes have opportunities to spend a full year with us. Anyone who comes to work for us is given the opportunity to learn and develop themselves as much as possible. Many of our past students have managed to gain their first bit of experience at driving machines like our combine, sprayer or Quadtrac.

I worked at E W Davies Farms for the harvest of 2015. My main task was to operate the Fendt 828 with the chaser bin. I had never really done, anything like this before so I was a bit nervous to start with. Midway through harvest I was given the awesome opportunity to drive the Lexion 780. With this being my first time driving a combine I was terrified, but with all of the support from the other workers, I soon felt comfortable. Although I made a few mistakes whilst driving the combine I very quickly learnt from them and was given more opportunities to drive it. By the end of harvest, I was doing all of the relief combine driving. At the age of 18, I never would of thought that would have happened at the start of harvest. My luck didn't end there, I got to do a small amount of drilling. I was also given the chance to do some spraying. First with the trailed sprayer and later with the self-propelled. During the time I spent working there I learnt a huge amount. I got given opportunities that I never thought I would get and overall it has made me a much more experienced operator.

Andy Gemmill harvest 2015


During my season with E W Davies Farms I was given some fantastic opportunities which for a young person are hard to come by. I was taught about CTF farming and the need for looking after the soil structure. I learnt a lot about the maintenance and how a combine works. I was also given the chance to have my first drive of a combine. Everyone in the team was there to offer support and I made a group of friends for life.

Ben Chilvers harvest 2015